We found the 4 best restaurants in Split, Croatia (#2 is a must)

We found the 4 best restaurants in Split, Croatia (#2 is a must)

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Split is one of the centers of Dalmatia’s gastronomical scene. There are a lot of restaurants and eateries all over the city. You can find the best ones in the marina and Split Old Town. 

They boast a wide selection of eateries from upscale restaurants that serve fusion cuisine to traditional taverns. Looking for the best restaurants in Split, Croatia, to have dinner or lunch? 

We found the 4 best restaurants in Split, Croatia. Check them out!

1. Dvor

Source:  Caffe-restoran Dvor

If you want to go for dinner in a quiet restaurant away from the crowds, Dvor is a good choice. 

Located on the hill, this charming cafe restaurant offers panoramic views over the Adriatic Sea. The Dalmatian menu served by Dvor includes everything from succulent poultry and steaks to fresh fish. 

They also serve up the best local wines that can do a great job of completing delicious meals with a Mediterranean flair. This is exactly what it makes it one of the best restaurants in Split, Croatia.

2. Apetit

Source: Apetit-Split

Apetit is a restaurant situated in the Old Town inside a 15th-century palatial building. The elegant Mediterranean-style interior of the restaurant is adorned with oil paintings and medieval stonework. 

From locally grown vegetables to zucchini risotto and beef fillets to freshly caught fish and seafood, the menu includes a broad range of dishes. The mouthwatering aromas attract the tourists to take a peek and get in. 

3. Konoba Kod Joze

Source: Konoba "Kod Joze" official

A ten-minute stroll of the city center will get you to Konoba Kod Joze. This restaurant is one of the most visited dining destinations in Split thanks to a friendly and intimate atmosphere of the rustic interior as well as delicious cuisine. 

They serve up local food, including a variety of soups, Dalmatian ham, fish, seafood, etc. The terrace of this tavern is a nice spot to have a romantic dinner while relaxing and observing street life.

4. Villa Spiza

Source: Villa Spiza

Located on Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coast in the ancient city of Split, Villa Spiza is one of the best restaurants in the entire world. With wooden beams and exposed stone walls, it’s a cozy pint-size neighborhood taverna within the palace walls that holds only a handful of guests at a time.

A feast of seafood specialties and delicious Mediterranean dishes cooked to perfection – Villa Spiza offers a comprehensive sample of Croatian cuisine´s authenticity. Extremely atmospheric and with a peculiar rustic touch throughout, Villa Spiza won’t disappoint you!


We love eating out in Split and during your staying at this magical place you can visit our special suggestions of the best restaurants. 

If you are looking for that one place for a special occasion, you might consider the restaurants listed above. They all use fresh local produce to prepare mouth-watering and eye-appealing dishes, and they are at the higher end when it comes to price.

Enjoy your trip in a good mood and good food!

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