5 Amazing Spots for Sunset in Paris

5 Amazing Spots for Sunset in Paris

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Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the prettiest cities in the world. And what makes an already stunning city look even more beautiful? That’s right, the golden hour. Paris has no shortage of fantastic places to be during sunset and we’ve picked 5 of them just for you!

The Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre


Montmartre is the most picturesque neighbourhood in Paris and it’s a sight for sore eyes any time of day. Home to the iconic Sacré-Coeur church which is built atop the highest natural point in the city, Montmartre becomes literally magical during sunset though. There is a platform-like open space in front of the church and that’s exactly where you want to be right on time for sunset.



Yet another amazing spot to catch a gorgeous sunset in Paris is Trocadero. Right there, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll get to watch a unique spectacle of colour and light around the iconic silhouette of the city’s top landmark.

Pont Alexandre III


Built towards the end of the 19th century, Pont Alexandre III is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world ever since. No wonder it’s also a fantastic spot to watch the sunset.

The Top of The Eiffel Tower


When in Paris, most people tend to choose a sunset spot from where they can marvel at the Eiffel Tower soaring above the city’s rooftops. However, watching the sun go down from the top of the tower itself is equally, if not more, impressive.

Keep in mind that the Eiffel Tower is infamous for its long queues. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of missing the sunset while waiting in line for your tickets, we strongly advise you to book skip-the-line tickets beforehand, thus saving you valuable time.

The Outside Area of The Louvre


The outside area of the most popular museum in Paris looks absolutely marvelous at sunset. All those reds, oranges and purples that light up the sky reflect on the glass pyramids and the shallow water of the fountains creating an almost unreal spectacle to behold.

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