5 best places to visit in Kefallonia

5 best places to visit in Kefallonia

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If you are not familiar with the island of Cephalonia, you don’t know what you are missing. Being the largest among the Ionian complex, this truly beautiful and charming island has so much to offer from its authentic culture, wonderful beaches, colorful villages, and multi-layered historical places. Did you know that here was filmed the original film of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin?



To get to know the island better, the starting point should be its capital, Argostoli. With a history stretching back many centuries, the devastating earthquake in 1953 changed most of the areas that had to be rebuilt. But it’s not about ruins here anymore, but about the buzz of strolling around the squares, the palm trees in the harbor, and trying a glass of Robola, Cephalonia’s acclaimed wine.

Assos Village

If you have fallen in love with postcards and pictures of seaside cafes and coffee by the harbor, Assos is one of those pretty villages with greenery all around, a miraculous mix of pines, cypress, and palm trees. Wander around the narrow streets, take a break for a treat in a traditional shop with sweets, and head to the harbor. If you are in the mood, why not dip in the pool – like, deep blue water?

Myrtos Beach


Not far from the village of Assos, is located on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Greece and the most well–known on the island. A stunning marble pebble beach with a crescent shape covered with verdant full forest vegetation and the mesmerizing shade of blue that makes it one of the most photogenic places in the country.

Kefallonia’s Caves

Cephalonia has been blessed with a unique geological system that ended with various caves, open to the public. Two of them, Drogarati and Melissani Cave, a cover and an open cave respectively, still manage to leave you in awe as you enter inside. Take a tour there and let yourself be amazed by those natural phenomena. Especially Melissani is even more beautiful when a sunny day lights up the interior and its waters!



If someone should mention the most idyllic and picturesque village in Cephalonia, that should be Fiscardo. On the northern part of the island, visit this historic fishing village with pastel-colored houses and the paved walking street is a delight to the eye.

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