5 Must-try Dishes in Barcelona

5 Must-try Dishes in Barcelona

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Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain. The city is the ultimate destination for everyone who wishes to take a unique culinary trip through the region’s distinct tastes combined with a historical walking tour!

Pan Tumaca


The top of our list of best food to try in Barcelona features a starter that may sound too simplistic but it’s actually superb because of this very simplicity. Pan Tumaca translates to bread with tomato and it’s just that: grilled bread on which tomato is rubbed, doused in extra virgin olive oil. Try it at any local bar with a glass of beer and a platter of cheese and cold cuts.

La Bomba


La Bomba is Barcelona’s most famous tapas dish. It comprises a rather large ball made of mashed potatoes and ground pork which is then covered in bread crumbs and deep-fried to perfection. It’s usually accompanied with a variety of delicious sauces.



We all know that paella is among the most popular dishes in Spain. Fideuà is Catalonia’s take on paella. The main difference among the two is that paella’s base is rice whereas fideuà is made with pasta. That’s a very welcome variation indeed!



This is a typical dish from Barcelona that you can only try if you happen to visit the city during winter, particularly from December through March. Calçots resemble huge green onions which are grilled over an open fire and served with romesco sauce on the side. The latter is a special sauce made of green peppers, garlic and nuts. In winter, you’ll see people roast calçots on makeshift barbecues in Barcelona’s streets.

Crema Catalana


For dessert, look no further than the famous crema catalana, which is in essence Spain’s take on crème brûlée. Crema Catalana is a simple yet mouthwatering custard cream that, when eaten fresh, is absolutely delicious.

Sometimes, it’s not always easy to try all the food we’d like during our travels. Especially when we visit a destination on a short trip. In that case, the best way to try as many local tastes as possible in the least time is by joining a private culinary tour.

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