6 + 1 Must-Do Experiences in Corfu

6 + 1 Must-Do Experiences in Corfu

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Corfu combines gorgeous natural scenery with an interesting history and magnificent architecture. The pristine rugged coastline, lush forests, romantic resorts dotted across the island, and impressive rock formations. Visitors can find all of this and much more on stunning Corfu Island. 

Nevertheless, Corfu seems a bit underrated. That isn’t because of the beauty of this island, but because of how familiar it has become. Unfortunately, many people have never heard of this wonderful place in Greece.

Corfu is one of the best Greek Islands to visit, though. This outstanding destination can easily delight you during your trip to Greece. So be sure to consider it when planning your ultimate Greece vacation.

What makes Corfu attractive to European tourists (and travellers from all over the world) is that it’s relatively easy to reach by plane. Even those living in northern Europe, such as residents of Cotswolds in south England, can get there without breaking the bank. Find the cheap flights from Cotswolds to Corfu.

This place is sprinkled with a wide range of tourist attractions. You will never get bored here, as there are lots of things to do in Corfu. Do you need some ideas? If so, go through our list of the must-do experiences in Corfu

1. Wander Around Corfu Old Town


The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. Corfu Town is built under the shade of two splendid Venetian fortresses. It’s a knot of alleys and walkable streets between Neoclassical and Venetian houses.

Corfu is a unique melting pot of cultures, which reflects on the Old Town’s architecture in the most eloquent way. The town’s architecture and character have been forged by numerous island’s rulers, primarily the British and the French.

Take the time to see the Casa Parlante (a 19th-century palace), Archaeological Museum, and Church of St. George. There are many other things to explore in this complex. However, don’t limit yourself to the Old Town. 

If you are one of those people who like to discover new things by wandering around the town for hours, then you should go on a walking tour. By joining a guided tour of Corfu Old Town, you will learn all of Corfu’s secrets while gazing at its charms. This is a good way to see the most stunning parts of the city in one day.

DayTrip4U Suggestion: The Grand Corfu Island Tour

2. Walk to Vlacherna Monastery


Wandering around Vlacherna Monastery is also one of the top things to do in Corfu. There are more than 250 monasteries and churches on this island, including:

  • Pantocrator Church
  • Church of Saints Iasson and Sossipatros
  • Ipapandi Church
  • Platytera Monastery
  • Monastery of Holy Trinity
  • Palaiokastritsa Monastery
  • Askitario Monastery, and
  • Vlaherna Monastery

One may wonder what sets Vlacherna Monastery apart from the rest.

Vlacherna Monastery is situated on a small island at the end of the Kanoni Peninsula. The silhouette of this beautiful islet is the ultimate symbol of Corfu. Moreover, Vlacherna Monastery is one of its signature images. As such, this iconic site is well worth a visit. 

The monastery was built on the land jutting out in the sea. The chapel dates back to 1685. It was one of the nunnery monasteries in Corfu. Today, Vlacherna Monastery welcomes visitors all year round.

The only way to reach Vlacherna Monastery is over the water by a narrow causeway that connects the island to the mainland. It’s hard to miss it when traveling south from the airport. While there, you’ll be able to witness impressive take-offs and landings at the nearby airport.

3. Take a Boat to Pontikonissi


Another of Corfu’s landmarks is Pontikonissi, which literally translates to Mouse Island. This islet of the lushest greenery is home to a 12th century Byzantine Monastery which is open to the public for visits. The chapel can be visited by boat.

Located near Corfu Island, Pontikonissi is along with the above-mentioned Vlacherna Monastery one of the most recognizable sites in this area. Thanks to its photogenic location and historical significance, Ponikonissi is one of the top-visited sites in Corfu.

This emblematic place is visible from the restaurants around the airport and Perama as well. It is likely to be the first thing you’ll see after landing when coming to Corfu Island by plane.

In fact, this small island lies off the shore of the Kanoni peninsula in the vicinity of Vlacherna. Many people consider Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonissi as a whole due to their proximity even though they are two separate sights.

Ponikonissi is just one of the marvellous places that can be visited by boat. We recommend that you get on cruises to the Blue Lagoon and join boat tours to discover sandy beaches with crystal clear water as well as dozens of hidden spots and natural landscapes.

DayTrip4U Suggestion: Cruise Paxos, Antipaxos, and Blue Caves from Corfu

4. Fall in Love at Canal d’Amour Beach


Canal d’Amour (Tunnel of Love) is a gorgeous beach in the northern part of Corfu. Its name comes from a magnificent tunnel which is situated at the base of one of its rocks through which you can go swimming in the sea.

The spectacular rock formations make this party resort unique. As a matter of fact, weathered rocks have been embossed by the sea for centuries. There is a rectangular, long creek nearby with sand-coloured walls consisting of hundreds of layers.

It’s believed that couples who swim through the tunnel are going to get married soon. Think about it if you decide to come here. Love swimming? There are a few things to keep in mind before heading to Canal d’Amour.

Safety tips: Choose a calm, windless day when the sea isn’t rough so as not to run into trouble. Otherwise, you will be swimming at your own risk. Don’t jump off a cliff unless you are an experienced diver.

5. Visit the Achilleion


Achilleion was built back in 1888 as the summer residence of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. It is a neoclassical palace with the Ancient Greek hero Achilles central to its theme. That’s just what its name implies. 

Nowadays, the palace operates as a museum. It is located around 10 kilometres south of Corfu at an elevated setting.

If you plan your trip to Corfu, make sure Achilleion is included in your itinerary. It’s really worth exploring the lavish interior of this Neoclassical palace. What can you see inside? 

The interior is chock-full of memorabilia that relate to Kaiser Wilhelm II, Franz Joseph II, and Elisabeth of Bavaria. You will admire the dining hall with adorable stucco cherubs and a large painting of Achilles.

Set aside as much time as you can to tour the well-maintained gardens with cypress trees and amid palms. These are enriched with Herter’s statues, fountains, balustrades, and a colonnade.

6. Explore the Natural Wildlife of Erimitis at Kassiopi village

Except for the old town, there are many little picturesque villages to visit in Corfu especially in the northern part of the island. They are surrounded by sea providing a big variety of beaches, restaurants and cafes.

Kassiopi is one of the different developed villages of the northern part of Corfu. It was created in antiquity as a fishing village and today offers all the tourism infrastructure. 

In Kassiopi there are 2 beaches: the first one is made of pebbles on the left side of the island and has a large width of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and the opportunity to develop various activities (diving, water skiing, etc.). 

On the contrary, the other beach is located behind the cape and although it has smaller dimensions it is more typical. The largest beach is closer to the village and offers all kinds of comfort and fun even during the day.

Between those 2 beaches, there is the Natural Wildlife of Erimitis that you can explore during a half hour’s walk. Erimitis Path starts from Agios Stefanos in Sinies and extends along the coastline towards the beach of Avlaki. 

The route is set in beautiful greenery, away from the city bustle. If you follow the signs and leave the main path for a while you’ll be able to sea lakes and other beaches that there is no access by car. 

At the end of the route, you can enjoy a tasty meal by the sea at Eucalyptus Seaside Taverna! It’s the best way to end this perfect excursion. 

Do you want to add one more thing to your list of must-do experiences in Corfu? Okay, here’s another thing to take into account.

Book a Boat Day Trip and Go Sailing!

What better way to discover a coastal place than by sailing. The same is true for Corfu. All you need to do is book a boat trip and get out on the water. There are a variety of amazing sailing day-trip options available. 

Visitors can discover this beautiful area by cruising over the deep blue water on their way to the vicinal Sivota Islands or little settlements close to Corfu. 

There are so many different ways to spend the day. Cruise with a barbeque lunch on board, swim in the clear water, gawk at the enchanting scenery and visit nearby villages along the way. 

There’s a full suite of hidden coves, caves, and islets waiting to be discovered. You can join several tours, depending on what you want to see and do. We recommend visiting Anitpaxos, Paxos as well as the town of Parga. You cannot go wrong!

DayTrip4U Suggestion: Cruise Parga and Paxos

In Conclusion: How to Get Here

Now that you know the top experiences to fall in love with Corfu, you will get the most of your trip. With so many islands to visit and things to do, just about everyone can find something here that’s exciting enough. 

This gorgeous place offers everything from beautiful islets, beaches, and religious sites to remarkable accommodations and excellent restaurants. That attracts thousands of travellers to this tourist destination every year.

Another thing that makes Corfu Island attractive is the short distance from mainland Europe, meaning it is easy to get there by taking quick flights from almost anywhere in Europe. Best of all, many flights are pretty affordable. 

For instance, if you wish to travel from Cotswolds to Corfu, you can find multiple flights under £150. Those who fly from the United States should consider stopping over in Europe prior to proceeding further. Book a flight here or search for cheap flights on  Google Flights or Kayak.

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