Best Day Trips from Rhodes

Best Day Trips from Rhodes

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Rhodes is an island of wonders that will keep you busy for many days. However, if you’re spending more than a week there, then it’s definitely worth planning one or more day trips to nearby islands or even neighbouring Turkey as well.

Symi Island


Symi is one of the most picturesque islands in the Dodecanese. It is a rocky island with small hidden coves and unique architecture. One of the best things to do in Symi is to walk around its quaint port and marvel at the colorful neoclassical mansions that are washed with sunlight almost all year long. Another of the island’s highlights is the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Panormitis which enjoys a fantastic location right at the seafront.

Symi is a super tiny island. Therefore, you can easily check out all of its major attractions on a day trip from Rhodes. When in Symi, don’t forget to try some of the island’s local delicacies such as Symiako Garidaki (tiny shrimp, typical of Symi) and the island’s signature cheese pie with fresh local cheese and Greek herbs.

Chalki Island


Chalki is among the most authentic Greek Islands you could ever dream of. It is the smallest inhabited island in the Dodecanese and it has less than 500 permanent residents. During a day trip to Chalki, you can escape the hustle and bustle of crowded Rhodes for a while and enjoy long walks at the island’s port or swim in Chalki’s crystal clear waters. Chalki is a peaceful haven that you could easily get used to.

Marmaris, Turkey


The location of Rhodes makes it easy for you to visit not just some of the most beautiful nearby islands, but even another country on a day trip. Marmaris is a seaside town on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, which has become a very popular tourist resort for good reason. Apart from its long sandy beaches, Marmaris is a fantastic day trip destination for yet another reason. As with any other Turkish city, Marmaris is renowned for its bazaar, the local market from where you can buy little treasures at very low prices.

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