Best spots to enjoy a sunset in Athens

Best spots to enjoy a sunset in Athens

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When you travel to a city, your mind wants to fill in with images from every corner and every street. But you can get the best feeling for a city, when your eyes will get a view as the sun might set down. Athens has many spots that could be ideal to experience a romantic moment. And will make you fall in love with it instantly.



Having the symbol of Greek democracy and one of the seven wonder of the world on its top, Parthenon, the hill of Acropolis offers some of the most spectacular views over the whole city and beyond. Since no other building has been built around it, watching a sunset from its top would be one in a lifetime experience.

Filopappos Hill


From a position affording a full view of Acropolis, the place where the nines Muses were buried, as once known, Filopappos Hill is another spot to enjoy the dive of the sun. Follow the path through the green oasis until you reach the top.

Lycabetus Hill


If you are looking for a higher place, this spot is the highest peak in Athens which stands at 277 metres. On top the hill, visitors can find the characteristic white Orthodox little chapel and enjoy a coffee before the sunset. When the sun will start setting down, let yourself be amazed for a moment by its beautiful colors and the breathtaking view. On a clear day, the port of Piraeus as well as the islands of Saronic Gulf are viewable over the horizon.

Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center


The latest gem of the city, a cultural, modern paradise, with a view over the Saronic Gulf, has been loved by both younger and older people. Get your camera gear ready as you reach this place and capture a feast of color over the sea. If you find yourself wondering in Athens, it is must visit on your list, especially for sunset lovers.

Floisvos Bay

Within half an hour from the center and at a short distance from S.N.C.C., you may discover the closest beach in Athens. Follow the local spirit, grab a takeaway coffee and stroll around by the seaside. Until the sun may disappear into the deep blue sea.

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