Best Things to Do in and around Malaga

Best Things to Do in and around Malaga

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With a different vibe than Madrid and Barcelona, the city in the South, Malaga, has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. A vibrant and cultural city with spread street art in every wall, exquisite architecture, historical buildings, and livable neighborhoods. Hometown of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, Malaga has many things to be proud of. And many things for you to do.

Hike to Alcazaba


Malaga has associated its name with this attraction. A wall preserved and maintained as a citadel with heavy and strong walls that could be seen from anywhere in the city. With a visit here, you’ll discover the courtyards, fountains, gorgeous gardens, and a small archaeological museum showcasing Moorish pottery and ceramics. The view from there is just amazing.

Climb to Gibralfaro castle


If you are on the lookout for another great viewpoint, Gibralfaro castle is a good option. Not far from Alcazaba, stands this hilltop fortress, one of the best-preserved monuments in Andalusia, looming above the city. Its warlike purpose could be easily identifiable with towers and fortifications as well as a barrack that was used both to house soldiers and signal the ships in the night as a lighthouse.

Visit the Botanical Gardens


Take the bus and head near the quarter of “La Conception”. There you will find Malaga’s Botanical Gardens, an exotic variety with flora from five continents spanning 71 hectares of land. With a visit there, you may come across exotic flowers and tropical trees such as palm trees, making the perfect spot for escaping the hustle and noise of the city.

Follow the Caminito del Rey


Looking for something more adventurous? The Caminito del Rey is considered one of the most dangerous hiking paths in the world being 100 meters above the ground. Just imagine the view over the Hoyo Vally as you will pass by Gaitanejos and Gaitanes cliffs.

Explore Alhambra


Probably, one of the most visited sites in the whole country, the majestic fortress that watches over the city of Granada keeps on attracting more and more visitors each year. The exceptional Islamic architecture, the remarkable views over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and possibly its latest “participation” in Game of Thrones episodes, have made Alhambra popular among visitors within and outside of Spain. 

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