What Is the Best Time to Visit Paris?

What Is the Best Time to Visit Paris?

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You have always dreamed about visiting Paris but you’re not sure when to go. If so, chances are you do not have any specific time of the year in mind. A good thing about the City of Lights is that it’s always lively and attractive regardless of the season. All the seasons and months have their distinct charm, so you can’t go wrong. 

Even so, there are certain things that play an important role in determining the best time to visit Paris. It depends largely on your budget and interests, i.e. what you want to do and see here. 

In this guide, we will help you determine the best time to go to Paris by taking a closer look at each season and month. 

Paris in January

January is a perfect month for tourists looking for a low tourist season. Plane tickets and hotel prices are less expensive in January due to fewer visitors. Nevertheless, many travelers avoid visiting Paris during this period because it’s the coldest month. 

The average maximum temperature is only 7°C, while the days are very short. Rain and clouds are likely (snowfall is rare in January). That said, you need to carry along waterproof shoes and a warm coat. 

Significant events:

  • Grande Parade de Paris
  • Epiphany (on January 6th)
  • The Festival of Marvels (Festival du Merveilleux) 
  • Fashion Week
  • Winter Sales (Les Soldes)

Paris in February

February is also damp and chilly with an average maximum temperature of 8°C and occasional cloudbursts. While not popular with most tourists, Paris is still beautiful in winter. Daylight is short in February. 

That’s why you should take advantage of outdoor sightseeing on dry days. You will be able to stay dry and warm inside cafes, museums, and galleries. Besides, you’d benefit from lower prices on apartments and hotels.

Significant events:

  • Carnaval de Paris
  • Valentine’s Day (on February 14th)
  • Chinese New Year
  • Mardi Gras

Paris in March

March lures tourists with affordable accommodations and plenty of events. They can avoid peak season while still being able to spend a lot of time outdoors. The parks are permeated with colorful flowers and nature starts flourishes, tempting visitors into discovering Paris. The warmer weather allows for outdoor activities. That could be tricky since temperatures are still quite chilly. 

Significant events:

  • Paris Half Marathon
  • Carnaval des Femmes 
  • Color Run
  • Orchestres en Fête
  • Foire de Chatou (antiques fair)
  • Art Paris Art Fair 
  • Printemps du Cinéma

Paris in April

Spring is a shoulder season in Paris. This is a perfect time of the year to explore the outdoor attractions by roaming around the city. If you crave thrills, visit amusement parks in Paris. The temperature is around 50°F (10°C) during April. Don’t rely on this though. As the evening progresses, it gets cooler here. The weather changes throughout the day aren’t uncommon for Paris in April, so be careful.

Significant events:

  • Easter Monday
  • Paris Marathon
  • Foire du Trône (Fun Fair)
  • Galloping Sundays

Paris in May

Generally speaking, May is mild and sunny in Paris. While the temperature often reaches or exceeds 20°C during the day, it doesn’t go below 9°C at night. Nonetheless, you may find yourself in the middle of a downpour at times. Approximately 10 days see rain in May. 

Don’t let afternoon rain showers catch you by surprise. You should always bring an umbrella with you when going out. In addition, you need to bring along a camera to take photos while walking around.

Significant events:

  • Le Printemps des Rues
  • European Night of Museums
  • The Great Paris Steeplechase
  • Roland Garros

Paris in June

June is regularly warm and pleasant in Paris. While the days are hot and sunny, the evenings and mornings are somewhat chilly yet. The city boasts a festive atmosphere during this month. One of the main reasons for this is the return of sales in the city. 

It pleases visitors and Parisians alike, allowing them to make great deals. Also, there are more events and activities as the days get longer. The most popular ones are listed below.

Significant events:

  • Festival Saint-Denis
  • Tropical Carnival of Paris
  • Paris Pride 
  • Fête de la Musique (World Music Day )
  • Paris Jazz Festival
  • We Love Green
  • Movie festival

Paris in July

July is a month with pleasant temperatures and great weather in general. Many Parisians start to desert the city in July, while tourists start arriving at the same time. Therefore, you may have a hard time finding a hotel room at an affordable price. 

Make sure there is air conditioning in the accommodation before booking it. In order to enjoy city life to the fullest, you need to take a private tour and a river cruise. It’s worth the extra cost!

Significant events:

  • La Fête Nationale  (Bastille Day) on July 14th
  • Tour de France 
  • Paris-Plages
  • Open Air Cinema Festival
  • Quartier d’Eté Festival

Paris in August

If you are a tourist who doesn’t mind the heat, then you should consider visiting the city in August. Take advantage of nice weather to explore the City of Lights and enjoy outdoor activities. In addition to exploring the city itself, you should also visit the nearby cities and attractions like the Palace of Versailles. Go on a Versailles full-day tour to get the most out of your summer vacation in Paris. There are no many festivals and events in August.

Significant events:

Paris in September

Many tourists consider this month to be the perfect time of the year to tour Paris. It is warm but not hot and the rain is not frequent so you can enjoy sightseeing with a Paris explorer pass. Nevertheless, there is a decrease in the number of visitors in September. On the other hand, almost all the residents get back home. Note that the hotels and rooms are still pricey in this period.

Significant events:

Paris in October

The crowds start disappearing in October, allowing you to enjoy Paris without disturbance. While the weather gets cold, it isn’t so chilly yet. However, even if it is sunny, you should bring along a jacket wherever you go. Remember that accommodation rates still don’t go down although October isn’t a peak tourist season in Paris. 

Significant events:

Paris in November

Temperatures keep dropping while drizzly rain becomes more frequent at this period. That said, you should expect windy, cool, and wet weather. This should not discourage you from visiting Paris. You might be rewarded with pleasant sunshine sometimes. Plane tickets and the prices of hotels are more attractive in November. That’s a good reason to plan a trip to Paris in November.

Significant events:

  • ATP Masters 1000
  • Africolor Music Festival
  • The Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde
  • Paris Photo
  • Beaujolais nouveau

Paris in December

Visit the capital of France in December to live the magic and feel the holiday atmosphere. Don’t worry, it’s not extremely cold. The cold is present yet with temperatures around 5°C. A variety of holiday celebrations and events take place in Paris during this period. 

Moreover you can experience the charm of Paris at night, when the lights turn on in the evening to illuminate the city monuments for the night. It should be noted that the prices of hotel rooms rise considerably at Christmastime. 

Significant events:

  • Christmas (December 25th)
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31st)
  • Ice Skating
  • Christmas Markets (Marches de Noel)
  • Paris Courts Devant

Summary: What Is the Best Time to Visit Paris?

To sum up, you should visit Paris in February if you aim to cut down on hotel and flight costs. A lot of seasonal savings can also be found during the 2nd half of January, early December, and November.

Many tourists visit Paris in May, June, and September because of longer periods of daylight as well as more pleasant weather and smaller crowds. If you want to travel to Paris during these months, keep in mind that hotel rates and plane fares are pretty expensive then. 

Anyway, you need to consider your budget besides weather and seasonal events before going on a trip. Have a good trip!

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