The 5 Best Street Food Spots in Rome

The 5 Best Street Food Spots in Rome

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Italy is a culinary heaven and its gorgeous capital, Rome, is a street food paradise that will satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. In this guide, we share with you 5 of Rome’s must-eat street food dishes alongside the best places to try them. Enjoy!

Pizza al Taglio at Antico Forno Roscioli


The most quintessentially Roman street food is pizza al taglio (by the piece). You will find countless places across the city that sell pizza with colourful toppings but for the most authentic taste that locals themselves prefer for years on end head to Antico Forno Roscioli, a family-run bakery that has been around for decades.

Supplì at Supplizio


The supplì are deep-fried rice balls filled with cheese and meat. Simple though they may sound, these scrumptious titbits taste great alongside a glass of good Italian wine. If you want to taste both the original supplì and also quite a few quirky variations, go to Supplizio near Rome’s historic centre. Supplizio serves mouthwatering supplì and offers a wide selection of wine varieties to wash them down.

Porchetta at Er Buchetto


Porchetta is tender pork roasted to perfection and then served either in a plate or as a sandwich filling. The latter is porchetta’s most popular version and there are only a few good places to try it in Rome. Among them, Er Buchetto stands out for its top-quality and absolutely tasteful porchetta.

Pasta at Pastificio


Right in the heart of Rome’s historic centre and just a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps, Pastificio awaits locals and visitors alike in order to serve them the best handmade pasta dishes for less than 5€/plate. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant prepares two different pasta dishes each day and that’s it. There are no starters, mains or dessert. It’s all about the pasta here. And wine.

Trapizzino at Trapizzino


Nowadays, the epitome of Roman street food is trapizzino, something between a pizza and a sandwich. This recent invention comprises a pocket of baked pizza dough filled with various ingredients. It has quickly become Rome’s favourite street food and you should definitely try it at its very birthplace, the Trapizzino restaurants themselves.

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