The Best of London for Harry Potter Lovers

The Best of London for Harry Potter Lovers

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There are countless reasons why London should be very high on your bucket list, such as the city’s history, art, architecture and modern vibes, to name but a few. In the last couple of decades, though, there is one more valid reason to visit the British capital and this is no other than the city’s connection to everybody’s favourite wizard: Harry Potter.

The young wizard is a popular character with both children and adults from all over the world. Although London may not be as connected to the life of Harry Potter as other places in the UK like Oxford or Edinburgh, there are indeed some spots in the city that no Harry Potter fan would want to miss.

  1. King’s Cross Station

One of the most emblematic scenes in the Harry Potter books and films is when the young wizard disappears through the wall on Platform 9 ¾ from where his train to Hogwarts departs. Now you can recreate this scene at the gorgeous King’s Cross Station and even have a photo of you disappearing (sort of) through the wall to prove it!

  1. Warner Bros Studios

If you’re really keen on quite literally stepping inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then you should definitely pay the (admittedly pricey) ticket that will allow you to spend a day inside the Warner Bros Studios. Expect high levels of fun which include walking around the actual movie sets or taking part in interactive photo opportunities.

  1. House of Minalima

If you are a huge Harry Potter fan, then why not buy yourself a little something to remember your favorite wizard by? The House of Minalima in Soho is nothing short of a real-life magic world and a visit there is a fantastic experience in its own right.

When visiting a new destination for just a few days, we know how daunting it is to try and discover every hidden nook on your own. That’s why it’s definitely best to discover Harry Potter’s London on a budget-friendly guided tour led by a true wizard enthusiast!

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