The 6+1 Things to Do in Barcelona (+ Day Trips)

The 6+1 Things to Do in Barcelona (+ Day Trips)

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Barcelona is one of the most fabulous urban destinations in Europe that offers plenty of activities to visitors. However, this doesn’t mean they should limit themselves to staying within the boundaries of the city. 

There are so many places to discover within a few hours of the city from historical towns to hillside hamlets, seaside villages, secret stunning beaches as well as natural and cultural attractions. They are all waiting to be discovered by little day trips from Barcelona! 

Things to Do in Barcelona

Are you a first-time visitor? You need to explore the best attractions in Barcelona before visiting the nearby sites, right? Here are some of the most popular things to do in the capital of Catalonia.

Wander around the medieval streets of El Born, Barcelona 

El Born is an eclectic and artistic neighborhood that dates back to medieval days. Today, it offers an array of activities to both tourists and locals from enjoying a drink at Plaça de Sant Pere square to admiring Santa María del Mar and spending time at the Picasso Museum.

Spend a day in Eixample

Try not to get lost in this iconic district in Barcelona. It is kind of like a labyrinth. With plenty of long straight streets and wide avenues, the Eixample features freakish architecture and design. It’s characterized by the grid pattern consisting of numerous square blocks that have chamfered corners.

Relax on a Barcelona beach

With nearly 100 kilometers of coastline stretching alongside the charming province, this city is a perfect getaway for beach lovers during the summer. Barceloneta is no doubt the most popular beach, however, you should also visit other beaches in Barcelona like Bogatell, Nova Icària, Sant Pol de Mar, and Mar Bella Beach.

Stroll down La Rambla Barcelona

As the most famous boulevard in Barcelona, La Rambla is considered one of the landmarks that many visitors identify with the city. Running through the city center, this large boulevard comprises some of the most famous Barcelona attractions, including the Liceu opera house, Columbus Monument, Canaletes fountain, Museu de Cera, and much more.

Have fun at Barcelona Zoo

This is an ideal place for animal lovers and families with children. It’s not just a Zoo but also an educational center as well as a large biodiversity park that houses roughly 300 different species and more than 2000 animals.

Marvel at Sagrada Familia Barcelona

This masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi is a must-see attraction in Barcelona. What’s more, it is deemed to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. Be sure to visit this awe-inspiring basilica during your stay in Barcelona.

Head to Montjuïc Barcelona

This broad shallow hill overlooks the Barcelona harbor, so you’ll be rewarded with fantastic views when reaching the top of Montjuic. There were a few fortifications at this site in the past. The Castle of Montjuïc is the only one that remains now. This magnificent castle holds the military museum and provides panoramic views of Barcelona at the same time. 

The Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Planning to visit Barcelona this year? Do you intend to stay here for a few weeks? Well, you could spend a month in this engaging coastal city without running out of things to do and places to see. 

However, if you want to experience the Catalan life and the vibe of other sites beyond the hectic metropolis, you should take day trips from Barcelona to nearby places. The little pretty towns, imposing mountains, and sandy beaches are only a short drive away. 

Barcelona to Seville Day Trip

Can you afford to spend more than a week in Spain? Great! Try to make good use of your time by joining a tour from Barcelona to Seville. While it is possible to get to Seville by train or plane, your best choice is to book a guided tour.

You might be wondering what to do in Seville. Well, there is a whole host of opportunities for visitors looking to explore the capital Andalusia. It offers something for just about everyone. From bullrings and wooden giant mushrooms to Catholic and Moorish monuments, there is a wide variety of tourist attractions. Listed below are must-see attractions in Seville:

A Day Trip From Barcelona to Sitges

The next excellent day trip is from Barcelona to Sitges. Located in the south, this beach resort is very popular with the LGTB community because it has a lively gay scene. Sitges is also known for its vibrant nightlife, seafront promenade, seafood restaurants, museums, and nude beaches. Most beaches are crowded in the summer. 

A few different events are held in Sitges every year. The famous Sitges Carnival takes place in February, while the Film Festival is held in October. These happenings bring this small town to life.

Barcelona to Girona Trip

Girona is a walled medieval city that draws travelers from around the globe. Its most significant cultural heritage includes awesome reminders of the Moorish, Roman, Jewish, and Catholic past. 

The medieval center of Girona is enclosed with Roman and Carolingian walls. There’s a long walkway running all the way along these impressive walls.

This historic site also boats a medieval Jewish quarter, an old cathedral with elements of Romanesque style art, and Arab baths. Girona has recently recognized as one of the popular Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain. King’s Landing was shot in the medieval streets of Girona. You can discover it on a Game of Thrones Tour.

Reach Montserrat From Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is known for its eponymous monastery. This holy site is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city in steep rocks. Nevertheless, it can be reached from Barcelona in a relatively short time given the fact that Montserrat is located around 50km northwest of the city. 

How to get there? Once you reach Plaça d’Espanya station by train (R5 line), get the Aeri de Montserrat cable car and it will transport you right to the monastery. You are going to admire the stunning basilica and enjoy spectacular views. This dramatic sight will blow your mind. Take walking shoes! 

Barcelona to Figueres Tour

Last but not least, Figures is another addition to the extensive Barcelona itinerary that is worth exploring. This little town is home to numerous museums. The Dalí is not only the most prestigious museum but also the top-rated attraction in the city. 

It is dedicated to Salvador Dali, the creator of the museum and the famous Spanish surrealist artist who was born in Figueres. His body was buried in a crypt beneath the stage floor. 

The Dalí actually doubles as a museum and theatre. With a weird design and the artworks on display that are meticulously curated by Salvador Dali, it’s a one-of-a-kind space in the whole wide world. 

Other museums that you should also visit on your Figueres itinerary include the Emporda Museum, Museu Del Joguet De Catalunya, and Museu de la Tecnica de l’Emporda.


Barcelona is a wonderful destination to spend your time in many different ways. If you want to make the most of your journey, you need to schedule several extra days and explore the tourist destinations in the vicinity of Barcelona. This is a unique opportunity to get familiar with Catalonia and the distinct life of this region in northeastern Spain. Don’t miss it!

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